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Infohub Lighthouse Ukraine

We build cooperations

Our Welcome Alliance team from ProjectTogether runs its own Telegram channel in close cooperation with Handbook Germany, in which verified and practice-oriented information is distributed to refugees from Ukraine. Two of working students from Ukraine run the channel. The channel is financed by the Welcome Alliance Fund. Exchanges occur around topics such as arrival processes and orientation or participation opportunities. We continously supplement and update the information to ensure that it is always up to date and meets the needs of the users.

With over 10,000 subscribers, the Telegram channel is an important source of information for refugees from Ukraine. In the posts, questions are asked, unclarities are discussed and advice is shared. In order to shape the content of the channel according to the actual needs of the refugees, more than 2.4 million messages were analysed in a comprehensive needs analysis (under strict data protection guidelines). The results of this analysis are taken into account when moderating the channel.

In addition to the channel, the Welcome Alliance also offers a Q&A chat in which users can ask questions and exchange ideas. The chat is supported by Minor Projektkontor, the Federal Employment Agency and Together in Germany.

The further development of the channel is also made possible by the initial funding of the nine-language website Handbook Germany and the associated online community platform "Together in Germany". The platform offers one-to-one counselling in Ukrainian and thus provides valuable support for refugees from Ukraine. There was also initial funding for the multilingual website Handbook Germany and the associated online community platform "Together in Germany" for one-to-one counselling in Ukrainian.

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