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@fire und Klitschko Ventures

We facilitate synergies

Good coordination and systematic cooperation are needed for rapid and targeted aid in times of crisis. We matched Vitaly and Volodymyr Klitschko's company, WeAreAllUkrainians, and the humanitarian aid organisation @fire in one of our Alliance4Ukraine community calls. Through the resulting cooperation 20 fire engines and 40 tonnes of equipment could be transferred to Kyiv in a very short time.

With the help of volunteer fire brigades from all over Germany, @fire brought the donated fire engines over 2,800 kilometres to the Ukrainian capital. The campaign was co-financed by our Alliance4Ukraine Fund. The funding covered fuel costs as well as board and lodging for the fire brigade personnel. Additional funding also enabled the purchase of a special fire truck that was specially adapted to the local conditions. The initiative has helped to expand the capacities of the fire brigade and to support the emergency services. The successful cooperation between the two organisations is an example of successful cooperation within the framework of humanitarian aid measures in times of crisis.

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