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The Welcome Alliance fund pools financial resources from foundations, companies and individuals and finances projects that are implemented by several partners. Like the Welcome Alliance, the fund promotes the development of new cross-sectoral cooperation. The Welcome Alliance fund can also be used to cover a small part of the acute needs of partners who support people seeking protection and migrants.

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Ganna Gryniva at Lighthouse Ukraine event in Berlin, 2022

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About the fund

Who is behind the Welcome Alliance fund?

The Welcome Alliance fund has its origins in the Alliance4Ukraine Fund. Which was created in response to the escalation of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine at the end of February 2022.

The fund is designed to provide uncomplicated and rapid funding that can be used both as anchor funding for further private co-financing and as leverage for public funding.

Financial resources in the fund
Approved funds for aid-providing organisations
Directly funded initiatives
Formal criteria

Criteria for granting of funds to organisations

  • The funded project must aim to improve the arrival and integration process or the participation of newly arrived immigrants and refugees.
  • The receiver organisation must be non-profit. Only projects that upload a current exemption certificate issued by a German tax office at the application process can be funded.
  • Code of Conduct: The organisation is committed to the free democratic basic order and acts with awarness to discriminatory structures.
Application criteria

Promoting collaborations

The Welcome Alliance Fund finances projects that address one or more concrete challenges in the arrival and integration process of refugees. Whether it is successful integration into the labour market, the provision of long-term housing or the expansion of psychosocial support services - the best solutions to these major challenges arise when organisations work together across sectors. Therefore, preference will be given to projects that are either the result of a collaboration or aim to establish cross-sectoral collaborations.

The maximum funding per collaboration project is 200,000 euros.

A successful arrival and integration process consists of many interconnected building blocks. Projects supported by the Welcome Alliance Fund address important issues and focus on a specific challenge. The approach of such a project goes beyond supporting individual solutions and contributes to far-reaching changes.
The Welcome Alliance fund supports projects in which several individuals or groups of people (partners, stakeholders, organisations) work together for the (further) development and implementation of practical solutions for people arriving in Germany. These collaborations can be cross-sectoral or between several civil society actors.
The support provided to funded projects should be scalable. This means it has been successfully tested and can be replicated and applied on a large scale. The impact of the solution is clearly evident and can be demonstrated through various examples.
Application criteria

Emergency aid

In cases of acute need, the Welcome Alliance Fund can provide small amounts of short-term start-up and bridge funding. The funds available for acute needs are very limited and only intended for situations where funding is very time-critical.

The maximum funding amount is 30,000 euros.

Note: The application phase for emergency aid has not yet started. All information on this will be continuously updated on the website.

Projects that respond at a very short notice to external developments and a particularly increased need. Many other funding options would take too long to react quickly to the evolving situation.

The organisation is established and the impact has already been proven in the past. From day one, direct impact can be achieved through promotion.

Application process

This is how the application process works

We would like to encourage all those whose projects meet the formal and substantive criteria to apply for funding from the Welcome Alliance Fund. The following three steps in the application process must be successfully completed in order to receive a grant:

The answers in the application form serve as the basis for an initial pre-selection. The Welcome Alliance team of ProjectTogether checks whether all formal and content-related criteria are sufficiently fulfilled.

We invite you to a maximum 30-minute online meeting for questions about the organisation and the project. We can also talk about how your approach can be further developed with the Welcome Alliance network or which networks would be useful.

If the project is eligible for pre-selection, we need a detailed description of the project. This information will serve as the basis for the Fund Advisory Board's decision.

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Application process


In regular video conferences, the financially contributing partners and the experts from the Fund Advisory Board decide on the allocation of funds.

Note: The application phase for emergency aid has not yet started. All information on this will be continuously updated on the website.


Organisations that make the Welcome Alliance Fund possible

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Donate to the fund

We seek further financial resources for the Welcome Alliance Fund. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the fund, please transfer the amount to the following account:

ProjectTogether gGmbH
IBAN: DE18 5003 1000 1078 9620 00
Verwendungszweck: “Welcome Alliance Fund”

For a donation receipt, please contact Khaled Urfa (pronoun: he/him): buchhaltung@projecttogether.org.


Frequently asked

A grant from the Alliance4Ukraine Fund is in principle not an exclusion criterion for a grant from the Welcome Alliance Fund. However, please note that the focus of the Fund has changed and the eligibility criteria have been updated. A grant from the Alliance4Ukraine Fund does not guarantee a successful application to the Welcome Alliance Fund.

The Welcome Alliance Fund focuses on funding collaboration projects. For higher chances of success, we therefore recommend applying via the application form "Funding of Collaborations".

The possibility to apply for emergency aid is only intended for acute need situations in which funding can have a quick effect. An acute need situation exists, for example, when a large number of people are in need of assistance within a very short time, as was the case in spring 2022. Emergency aid is not intended to close foreseeable funding gaps or to initiate structural support.

The answers in the application form only serve as a first assessment of the project. In any case, the application should not take longer than 30 minutes to complete. Short, concise applications are very welcome.

The Welcome Alliance Funds mainly supports collaborative projects that work to improve the arrival processes and participation of refugees and newly arrived people in Germany. Unfortunately, we do not support projects that provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

After submitting the application form, you will receive initial feedback within approximately two weeks. If the project meets the formal requirements and is eligible for funding, you will be invited to a digital meeting with the fund manager of the Welcome Alliance. During this 30-minute meeting, you will also discuss the next steps in the application process. The final decision on funding is made by the Welcome Alliance Fund Advisory Board, which meets every 6 weeks.

Yes, applications in English are welcome. There is no disadvantage for an application that is not written in German. If you would like to submit your application in a language other than English or German, please first contact: welcome-alliance@projecttogether.org


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